Unplug Challenge Results 2015

Comox Valley Lifelong Learning Association challenged families to unplug in celebration of both Family Literacy Week (Jan. 27th to 30th) and Family Day (Feb. 9th). The challenge was to intentionally unplug from the Internet, television, and mobile devices and engage in an activity sometime during the day. By taking a photo of the unplug activity and submitting it to CVLLA, challengers had a chance to win a camera or a gift certificate to Laughing Oyster Bookshop.  

The photos submitted were so fantastic that the judges had to give something to everyone who participated in the challenge! Those that didn't receive the top three prizes received a family aquatic pass.  Check out our Facebook page to see the photos. 

CVLLA launched their unplug challenge to encourage parents and caregivers to highlight the overuse of technology and it’s impact on child development.  Research shows that the critical factors for child development include movement, touch, connection, and nature. Each of these factors stimulates synapse connection within the brain and the development of the frontal lobe (the area important for attention, emotions, judgment, problem solving etc.). For example, the act of learning to swing stimulates a set of three canals located on each side of the brain that control posture, coordination and arousal which in turn enhance literacy, attention and learning. Our children also need connection with their parents and caregivers for healthy development. In the absence of adult attention, children are attaching to devices at an alarming rate.

Increasing the amount of physical activity, time together, and time outdoors is nourishment your child’s brain and body. To learn more about technology and child development visit www.zonein.ca