Raising Readers Project

CVLLA is thrilled to have received funding from the Comox Valley Community Foundation for our Raising Readers Project. This project will support four book distribution projects in 2016:

  1. Books for Babies: Each year, there is an average of 500 babies born at Saint Joseph’s Hospital and possibly 50 or more at-home births supported by mid-wives. Working with midwives and maternity ward nurses, we will ensure that every family of a newborn in the Comox Valley will receive a new baby board book and bookmark. The bookmark will welcome the baby and will provide the web address of Early Years digital hub, www.valleychild.ca.  
  2. 1000x5 Project: The 1000x5 Project aims to ensure every child in the Comox Valley has at least 1,000 books read to them from birth until they are five years old, and entering kindergarten. It’s based on the ideal of reading to young children daily, with the figure rounded down to account for the realities of family life. At present 321 families receive books once a month for their preschool-aged children (Fall 2015). Toddler books will be purchased for this project.
  3. Children: “Summer slide” is a phenomenom that occurs when young minds are idle over the summer months. Experts and teachers agree that children who read during the summer gain reading skills, while those who do not often slide backward. The backward slide also means a much more difficult start to the school year often requiring re-teaching of reading skills. CVLLA and Vancouver Island Regional Library will organize “Summer Reading Launches” at elementary schools located in economically disadvantaged neighbourhoods. 
  4. Youth: Graphic novels offer appealing stories and engaging visuals that reach out to reluctant readers, visual learners, and others who may shy away from traditional, print-heavy books. Yet graphic novels offer the same benefits of regular books: introducing young people to new vocabulary, “book language,” and stories and information to teach them about their world and spark their imaginations.