Books for Babies

There is an average of 500 babies born at Saint Joseph’s Hospital (Comox Valley) every year and possibly 50 or more at-home births supported by mid-wives! The Comox Valley Perinatal Committee, Success by Six, and the Comox Valley Lifelong Learning Association (CVLLA) have recommended that each new  Comox Valley baby receive a baby board book and special book mark to encourage early literacy. Books are distributed through St. Joseph's maternity ward, Birth Tides, and Plum Midwifery.

For more information about Books for Babies, contact Danielle Hoogland. E: P: 250-897-2623

For more information about reading to your baby, here is an excellent article

Or here is an article written by our own Comox Valley Library Manager, Colleen Nelson.

Babies love books. When we share books with our babies we are developing many early literacy skills that will help them learn to read when they attend school. We are also developing a love of learning that goes beyond formal education. Books and stories provide children with the opportunity to explore their world and the world around them, to learn new words and concepts and to interact with printed materials.

Board books are designed for small children. These books are sturdy with easy-to-turn pages and can withstand a little drool. When selecting books for your baby look for books with the following features:

  • Books with simple language, repetition, song and sound effects
  • Books that illustrate your child’s life (example: bath time or nap time)
  • Books that are small enough for baby hold
  • Books with tricks – holes, buttons, mirrors and peekaboos

If you are still unsure what makes a great book for your baby, check out the list below or stop by your local branch of the Vancouver Island Regional Library and ask the staff for suggestions.

Baby Faces Peekaboo by Dawn Sirret. The Peekaboo series is perfect for babies because it features beautiful pictures of everyday activities and flaps to lift to play peekaboo. Baby Faces Peekaboo features textured pages to feel, a mirror and an exploration of moods and feelings. All of these wonderful elements create a book that is interesting and stimulating for baby readers.

My Very First Mother Goose is an edited collection of over 60 nursery rhymes edited by Ionie Opie and illustrated by Rosemary Wells. Nursery rhymes are wonderful to share with our babies. Children that know nursery rhymes when they begin school are shown to have a learning advantage over children who do not know nursery rhymes. Nursery rhymes help develop our ability to recognize patterns, understand reading and writing and love poetry.

I Kissed the Baby by Mary Murphy is a fabulous picture book to share with babies. It features simple illustrations, repetitive text and the opportunity for kisses and cuddles.

Reading aloud to your children is a gift that they can take with them the rest of their lives, so start reading today.

Colleen Nelson, BA, MLIS