Dianne Bruon

My name is Dianne Bruon, born and raised in the Comox Valley. After marrying my husband Bob, and raising my two children, I became the librarian at Royston Elementary School, where I worked  for 14 years, all the while upgrading my education, which included library and teaching courses.  In 1987, I applied for a primary teaching position, at Royston school, and taught grades 1 through 4 until my retirement in 2005.   Primary literature has always been very special to me.  My strong belief is that the more exposure to reading children have in their preschool years affects their success when entering the school system.  The 1000 X 5 Literacy program is a wonderful way to introduce young children to reading and words in the early years.  My goal as Coordinator of this program is to make primary literature more accessible to young families, and show growth in the program itself.  My hobbies include travelling, a love of jazz music, and of course my grandchildren, and now great grandchildren, who are an extra inspiration for me!  I am looking forward to the opportunity.